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Public Safety​​

As President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors four times, my leadership has been steadfast in terms of ensuring a fully funded Sheriff’s Office as well as probation and rehabilitation systems.  Everyone in our neighborhoods should be kept safe, regardless of race, creed, status or any other designation.

While chairing the Board of Supervisors I led the way to create the Anti-Human Trafficking Team in the Sheriff’s Office. The Board and an appointed blue-ribbon task force put into place model reforms in our jails. I’ve also shone a light on and addressed non-violent crimes by protecting employees who don’t get paid what they are owed by employers.

I initiated the creation of the Office of Labor Standards Enforcement to monitor the County’s Wage Theft and Living Wage Ordinances within county government but also labor and employment claims from private sector job sites a well. I’m also proud to have initiated the Gender and Ethnicity Pay Equity Ordinance that was badly needed.

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on Public Safety​​

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