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We have an overall housing crisis in Santa Clara County. Jobs are growing faster than our ability to build homes. There are bills in the California Legislature now to encourage local governments to meet the housing demand in appropriate locations, especially along transportation corridors. The lack of affordable housing also makes it harder for middle class families and young professionals to own homes. Our children and grandchildren often can’t buy or rent a home in the community where they grew up.

Many join the 157,000 commuters from the Central Valley who drive back into the County to work. The shortage also leads to homelessness for many of our most vulnerable neighbors who become displaced from where they are living. Recognizing the need for affordable housing for people with disabilities, my fellow Santa Clara County Supervisors and I voted unanimously to invest $40 million over the next five to ten years in projects that set aside units for those with special needs. The newly opened Edwina Benner Plaza in the South Bay is a model that can be replicated around the State. Named after a former mayor, the beautiful complex offers housing for very low- and low-income families.

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